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About Me - What My Clients Say

"Just wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy my personal fitness training with Gareth. I have known Gareth over 2 years. I have a background in professional sport and over the last 10 years as an osteopath with specialist interest in sports injury prevention,. Gareth is an invaluable colleague to have, he has an in depth knowledge in training methods for prehabilitation, rehabilitation or for general personal training. He always keeps his sessions interesting , constantly changing exercises to help you reach my fitness goals. Gareth has helped me immensely with my rehabilitation following major knee surgery in March 2015. I have no hesitation in recommending Gareth as an excellent personal trainer.

Rick Weatherall, registered Osteopath, Emmer Green, Reading 2015

"I have been attending Gareth's Kettlercise for nearly two years and still find it enjoyable, we do routines for 6 weeks and up to now we have never done the same routine twice. You can work as hard, or as easy as you choose however Gareth does ensure you do the excercise correctly so you get the most out of what you are doing. Classes are fun and you can set your own pace "Get going and Keep fit and see you there."

Di, Pangbourne, Reading 2015

"I have worked with Gareth for a couple of years now. The great benefit of working with him is the variety. No two work outs are ever the same and they challenge you in different ways and work all muscle groups. Kettlebells, Battle ropes, Standard weights and Body weight all help to make our sessions interesting and intense. I highly recommend Gareth.

Julian, Peppard Common, Henley 2015

"Gareth has been my personal trainer for 2 years, I signed up with him to support my weight loss in preparation for my wedding and 18 months later I was still with him! Gareth's weekly with outs were always different and challenging and improved my level of fitness greatly. He was always flexible and happy to change days to ensure we could fit my session in to suit my family and work life. When I had a shoulder injury he adjusted my workouts to allow for my rehabilitation and gave good advice to support my rehabilitation plan. Gareth also did a series of kettlebell classes at my workplace, these went down really well as we all felt like we had been through a hard but fun workout.

Helen, Lower Earley, Reading 2015

"I highly recommended Gareth, I had tried a few trainers to limited benefit. Gareth worked around some old injuries that had required surgery. He has helped me re-build good levels of stamina and strength without further injury or strain.

Jon, Caversham Heights, Reading 2015

"Gareth is great at keeping people motivated. He adapts his program to suit his customers and quickly understands what works well. He is excellent value and very reliable.

Debbie, Caversham Heights, Reading 2014


"Gareth started training me in October 2013 with a goal of losing weight and increasing my core strength. It is now March 2014 and between us we have achieved that goal. Gareth is calm, patient, knowledgable and witty, which makes training sessions interesting and fun and a time of the week I look forward to ... unless I have a hangover! I have no qualms recommending him to anybody who wants to get fit, burn fat and have fun. Have a go at swinging kettle-bells with Gareth, you won't regret it!

Jonathan B, Pangbourne, Reading 2014


"Gareth has been my Personal Trainer for about 18 months and in that time my core strength and general fitness has increased tremendously. Gareth makes every session different so that you don't get bored and your body doesn't get complacent. He really listened to my fitness goals and devised a programme that suited me and how much time I had to train outside of our weekly session. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a Personal Trainer.

Laura H, Emmer Green, Reading, 2013


"I joined Garethís bootcamp session in May 2012 to get healthy & lose weight following treatment for thyroid cancer in late in 2011. After months of working out at the gym with marginal results and a complete lack of motivation I decided to give the bootcamp sessions a go.

"5 months in and Iím really pleased with the results. The sessions push me to do the best but theyíre also really interesting and fun. Working out 2-3 times a week has helped me improve both physically and mentally and Iím certain that right now, my physical condition is the best itís been for a long time.

"The sessions continue to be a big contributing factor to my recovery and I canít thank Gareth enough.

Gemma T, Caversham Park Village, Reading, 2012


"Gareth helped me to get back into shape after having my second child. He designed the programme around my needs and likes/dislikes (I don't like running so we concentrated on step/boxing/kettlebells). I got down to my target weight and strengthened my core muscles. Gareth isn't a slave driver, but he does push you enough to help you achieve your goals. I would definitely recommend him.

Tina S, Tilehurst, Reading, 2012


"I have been attending Gareth's Kettlercise classes for over a year and have also attended his boot camp. You get great results and really work out every muscle which feels great, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a full body work out ! He is a fantastic instructor, who is also very easy to get on with so you feel at ease to ask questions etc. I also found all his classes to be very good value for money for the quality service and results he provides. As such the company I work for has hired him to run courses of Kettlercise classes in the workplace. This has been very successful, I thank Gareth for agreeing to do this and for his hard work throughout.

Joanne H, The Prudential, Reading, 2012


"I have attended Gareth's Kettlercise classes for about 10 months and have been delighted by the results. The workout is fun and pacey but you can work at your own speed. He motivates and drives performance, but equally encourages new class members.

Rebecca F, Pangbourne, 2012


"I found Gareth France through Twitter, I could see that he was well regarded with his client base. I asked him to come and meet me during August 2011 and the rest is history. What I particularly liked in my first meeting was his ability to listen and provide non-committal feedback irrespective of whether we worked together or not. Gareth is incredibly creative, we usually train with 3 pieces of kit in the park come rain or shine. It sounds basic but in fact the training is incredibly effective. In my opinion, his method of training is much more effective than any workout I have done in the gym.

"He is flexible enough to incorporate my working patterns into his schedule and is very personable. Lastly, he has credentials over & above his day job, he excelled in a sporting event and unfortunately had related injuries Ė he appreciates physiotherapy and end to end rehabilitation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Garethís services.

Barbara T, Calcot, 2012


"Gareth has been great to work with. He has really motivated me to continue improving my fitness levels, and has shown me an extensive range of exercises.

Fiona, Caversham, 2012


"Gareth is an excellent personal trainer. I have attended his boot camp sessions as well as hired him to create a training plan for a specific event. Can't recommend him enough.

Russel F, Pangbourne, 2011


"Gareth is an excellent personal trainer. I have attended his boot camp sessions for several months and I've been really impressed with the results. Gareth is always motivational, personable and is a real expert in his field.

Clare O, Pangbourne, 2011


"Gareth is a great PT! he is friendly, fun, professional and really gets you motivated! I have been attending one of Gareth's boot camps for the past 10 weeks and I am really feeling and seeing the benefits. The thought of working out in a gym fills me with dread so being able to get fit outside in the fresh air and with a group of like-mineded people is much more of an incentive. I really enjoy the sessions and feel great afterwards - keep up the good work Gareth!

Lisa C, Pangbourne, 2011


"I've known and worked with Gareth for over 5 years now through association at Reading Hockey Club where he has been the resident fitness coach. He is excellent at pre-planning, mobilising and executing fitness programmes that cater for all levels and disciplines (strength/conditioning, aerobic, cardiovascular etc), be it large groups of 20+ or smaller/single person engagements. It is clear he takes a great deal of care and pride in his work and that is evident by how well thought out and timely the individual sessions are. You alwats walk away from Gareth's sessions knowing you have worked hard because he is a great motivator and his subtle/dry humour helps take the edge off times when you are perhaps pushing yourself through the pain barrier. I wholeheartedly recommend Gareth and encourage people to consult with him if they have a fitness/personal well-being related goal in mind.

Reza A, Woodley, 2011


"I asked Gareth to help me improve my fitness level and to lose a few pounds. Every single week he comes up with a different programme, working at a level which suits me, at a time and place that fits into my schedule. In the past I haven't really enjoyed training at the gym, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my training sessions with Gareth - I'd never thought I'd say that!

"I also recommended Gareth to my colleague at work who participates in a twice weekly boot camp; she is also enjoying her training. We often compare aches the following morning! I have had great fun training with Gareth, his qualifications, knowledge and friendly motivational nature made me feel very comfortable. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

Mandy, Mapledurham, 2011


"I had a half hour session with Gareth for the first time today. Not having had a personal trainer previously and clinging to a life-long fear of all exercise matters I wasn't sure what to expect, other than the fact I'd probably hate it! In actuality I've booked again! I felt at ease, not at all self conscious as I can at the gym. He worked all my muscles groups and stayed within my capability range. Don't tell anyone but I actually enjoyed it!

Michelle L, Bracknell, 2011


"Ode to the 6 week Boot Camp. There was a young trainer called France, Who never left gymwork to chance, With arm curls and 'reps', Followed by press-ups and steps, His boot camp could firm up your stance. Gareth's lunges and stretches cause pain, But without it there's nothing to gain, He knows his 'Abs' from his 'Pecs', And has a 6-pack like Becks (allegedly!), So to go elsewhere is surely insane!

"Thanks very much for the excellent Boot Camp course that you have been running since the start of the year. Not only did you get me in shape after the indulgences of the festive season but somehow also got my body able to cope with it's first ever skiing trip some way after it's prime! This was only possible throught the implementation of your obvious knowledge of the body and how to treat it combined with an effective combination of encouragement and praise and discipline and humorous threats - all delivered with a smile.

"I surely achieved results I would not have done alone and had a lot more more fun doing it too - honest! I would thoroughly recommend your Boot Camp to anyone wanting to get generally fitter.

Graeme R, Reading, 2011


"Myself and my partner were looking for a fitness programme to get us on track for the coming hockey season, very impressed!

Kirsty S, Tilehurst, Reading, 2011


"I've been training with Gareth for over 3 months and knew him before when he worked as a fitness instructor for years. He is an extremely knowledgeable trainer as well as an inventive one. Gareth is also very reliable, honest and willing to adapt to you and your situation whether it is time, space or health. He is not to be underestimated with his mild deceptive manner, which always encourages you to complete any exercise.

"With his easy going and positive manner, I can honestly say I've enjoyed every session as hard as it might have been as well as becoming much fitter. I will definately go back to Gareth again.

Sabita S, Caversham, Reading, 2011


"Me and my friend hired Gareth to provide some motivation to exercise after the end of the hockey season. Gareth provided us with varied sessions and a work-out programme which really suited our requirements. Highly recommended!

Chris W, Tilehurst, Reading, 2011


"Gareth is a great personal trainer, he gets results using varied exercise equipment, fully tailored to your needs and aspirations. He has excellent knowledge on the benefits of keeping fit and I appreciate the range and breadth of his advice.

Caryl M, Streatley, 2011


"Gareth's knowledge helped to provide a detailed programme directly related to my requirements as well as providing advice in respect of old injuries. This was regularly reviewed to ensure it remained sustainable.

Chris G, Tilehurst, Reading, 2010


"Gareth has a very deceptive way of maiking you work hard and enjoy it at the same time! He tailors the fitness regime to the person very well and I can thoroughly recommend him.

John B, Stoke Row, nr Reading, 2010


"We used Gareth to provide a fitness routine for my wife and I to fit into our busy schedules. He not only gave us a plan that was easy to follow but guided us through the whole process with little fuss. I would strongly recommend Gareth to anyone who is serious about getting themselves fitter.

Richard L, Whitely, Reading, 2010


"Gareth has been my personal trainer at my local gym for over two years. The exercise programmes he has devised for me are always interesting, well thought out and custom-made for what I want to achieve. He has the ability to motivate, as well as encourage and his enthusiasm and good-humoured guidance have been instrumental in the huge improvement in my general health and fitness. I can thoroughly recommend his services."

Jean H, Caversham Heights, 2010


"Gareth leads the fitness programme at Reading Hockey Club Men's training. He has undertaken this role for the past 3 years and will continue to do so. The programme that Gareth has tailored for the men is bespoke to hockey, combining speed, agility and quickness of turn with stamina building exercises. His tactics help motivate the men to push their limits. Feedback from players is always positive; indeed it's noticeable that our fitness levels always exceed our opponents."

John D, Reading Hockey Club Mens Captain, 2010


"Gareth has been a great help in supporting me to achieve my fitness goals. I like an early start and he has never been late or let me down. With his help I have increased my fitness at a pace I feel comfortable with. I can recommend him 100%.

Sheila S, Caversham Heights, Reading, 2010


"Gareth provides a very professional and supportive approach creating a bespoke programme to suit individual needs. He is motivational and challenging getting results.

Judith B, Whitchurch, Reading, 2010