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I started out in a local gym in 2004 having gone to university and gained a degree in Chemistry. I then worked in the oil industry for the next 8 years until I got made redundant. I then then had a variety of different scientific roles in different parts of the sector but none were fulfilling. 6 months after starting my career into fitness I was forced into having back surgery after suffering for many years - this was a  physically and emotionally trying period in my life. But with good support I kept going and built myself back to full fitness.  In 2008 I made a major decision to leave the gym and start out on my own. It's had it's  ups and downs and I have learnt a lot about myself and the industry along the way. I have changed my approach to my own training and how I train my clients. I have learnt a lot but I am still learning and trying to improve.

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